Since 1996, we have been creating handmade products in our garage and selling them to those who appreciate them. We followed the conventional path for years, working for different companies. However, we eventually began to question the meaning of life. We realized that it's not about settling for less, but about preserving our time and love for our family, friends, and ourselves. As the saying goes, "If the rule you followed brought you to this, of what use was the rule?" 


Last year, we reignited our passion and decided to pursue our dream of making a living doing what we love. Our aim is not only to achieve financial success but also to spread the message that we are all deserving of the beauty in the world and that we should not let society dictate our lives.


We are proud to be known as TheToughOne and remain committed to our mission.


At TheTougOne, we always listen to our customers and our community. We know you cherish life and family, so you and your love deserve the best to experience ultimate comfort in every passing moment. We wish to offer you a concept of Toughness and a luxurious, inviolable, untamed, wild, and comfortable lifestyle. To guarantee the happiness of your love and the Toughness of the spirit, try TheToughOne.


By selecting our products, you are choosing to help the planet. We guarantee that all of our raw materials are recyclable. This is your chance to participate in environmental conservation, adding greenery to nature with each small decision you make, which can have a lasting positive impact.